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Monday, December 17, 2007


Internships Across the Globe

Whether your government is the US, Canada or the UK, there are government internships out there. If you live in Canada, Campus Access is a must to find out government jobs in Canada. It gives a list of government internships and even internship advice. You can get an internship from economist program to food inspection, to mission to European Union and much more.

Or if you are in Ontario, Canada, a more collective resource would be OFA. This brings you to information on what you need to qualify for their program. The pay is between $40-60,000, and the internship is for two years. The areas of study are business to project management.

If you are a student looking for government internships in the US, a great starting point would be Student This site allows you to search government jobs across the country. Once you register, you can post your resume for employers to search, and you can save your searches. This site lists jobs with the US Navy, to NASA, to the Peace Corps. to the United Nations. If you live in the US, I would highly recommend this site to you.

Another great internship program is the White House one. What student wouldn't want to work in the White House? To find out more,, some qualifications to be a white house intern are: you need to be over 18 and a US student and be an active student in a college or university.

And if you're a UK student looking for internship jobs, check out This is a database full of jobs online. It allows you to search by company or city for the internship that is right for you. You can find government internships as well as company ones.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, wherever you live, you can do a much more detailed internship search for your state, province, or territory.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Houston Job Search

Houston is home to the NASA space station which boasts its role as the centralized location for the U.S. manned space flight program. Houston jobs abound in the business and service sectors, including jobs related to technology, finance and banking, education, engineering, hotel/accommodations, and biotechnology.

What else does Houston have to offer a job seeker?

Government jobs in Houston are one of the fastest growing and most significant employers in the city, contributing heavily to the region’s economy and success. The government employs over 20,000 highly skilled individuals in various jobs, from local librarians to judicial and legal positions.

Financial and government administration collectively employ more than 1,200 employees. The majority of these employees are full-time, but there are also part-time positions and paid internships available as well. Other government administration provides full-time employment for more than 700 individuals.

With the recent and projected growth in business and service industries across the region, there is a projected increase in population growth. As economic conditions continue to foster expansion of businesses and services, there is a growing need for more employees to fill jobs in Houston in all business and service sectors. Along with more employees come more residents and the critical need for a greater presence of government employees in the fields of police, fire, and highway/transportation.

Houston employs more than 6,000 individuals in police protection services and related jobs. In addition, there are more than 4,000 firefighters in the region. An additional 1,000+ people are gainfully employed in jobs related to street and highway maintenance and management. Finding and retaining highly skilled, qualified individuals for these jobs is challenging when attempting to keep pace with the rapid growth.

As Houston continues to grow, these governmental jobs play a significant role in supporting and protecting businesses and industries. They are continually soliciting and recruiting highly qualified individuals to assume accountability for providing valuable public services for the citizens and visitors of Houston and the surrounding region.

Benefits and salaries associated with governmental positions are attractive and opportunities for advancement are a plus.

If you're knee-deep in a job search that gives you a strong sense of satisfaction and reward, check out the government and service-oriented jobs in the Houston area. You won't be disappointed – and you might just find a new place to live along the way!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Finding Temporary Employment

For many job seekers, the coming of the holiday season signifies increasing difficulty in their job search. Fourth quarter hiring trends tend to show decrease in available jobs in most industries. Since fewer positions are available, hiring managers have the responsibility of sifting through even larger than normal resume piles.

This added competition for a smaller number of jobs online means many individuals could begin the New Year unemployed. Although this may make deciding upon a New Year’s resolution easy, it can certainly make the holidays more difficult.

Those struggling to find employment would be wise to separate their job search effort into two categories; permanent employment and the immediate. Although the holidays may make it more difficult to find full-time employment, temporary positions are more abundant.

Seasonal employment is most apparent in the retail industry. With Americans spending more this time of year than in any other season, retailers have to bulk up their staffs in hops of being able to meet the demands of holiday shoppers.

Many pre-Black Friday reports showed that retailers, underestimation this year’s holiday spending, did not expect to hire as many seasonal employees as they normally would. But with more shoppers showing up and spending more than originally planned for, many retailers will likely make last minute hiring decisions, adding on extra seasonal staff.

For those already searching for entry level retail jobs, such positions, if handled correctly, can be made into permanent employment. Others may see such seasonal retail employment as a way to make it through the holidays.

But retail positions are not the only temporary jobs to be had at the moment. For various reasons, from illness to holiday travel, many employers are struggling to conduct offices without full staffs. A good number of these employers contact staff agencies in hopes of finding immediate fill-ins for absentee workers. Those who are currently having trouble finding a job should consider contacting such agencies. In most cases, these places can help workers with both temporary and full-time jobs.

Those who do find temporary employment this way may also find themselves in the position to learn about future positions that are expected to be created or become available at the company they temp at. Those who prove themselves to be good workers temporary situations, may find their resume on top when they later apply for a full time job with the same company.


Monday, December 3, 2007


Houston Teaching Jobs

Texas will need over 82,000 new teachers by 2008 and with literally thousands of public and private schools, colleges, and universities in the Houston, Texas area, teaching jobs are abundant in the region! Whether you're seeking full-time or part-time teaching jobs in Houston, the region provides exceptional opportunities for qualified teachers.

Public schools in Houston require teaching certification which includes:

Based on recent reviews of open teaching jobs in Texas, there is a shortage of teachers in all areas. This makes it a lucrative region for job seekers. The need for teachers is particularly great in the areas of math, science, special education, foreign language, technology applications, and bilingual education. In addition, bilingual teachers for all subjects are in high demand.

Teaching jobs in Texas will continue to be in high demand over the next 5-10 years and salaries continue to increase as the demand escalates. Average teaching jobs in Texas pay around $38,500 and higher, based on education and experience.

The State of Texas, and especially Houston, faces a major educational challenge with the growing shortage of qualified teachers. Recent college graduates, mid-career job changers, teachers from another state/country, or someone who does not yet have a college degree, are all encouraged to consider pursuing certification and teaching in Texas.

If you're looking for a way to really make a difference, then Houston, Texas is a great place to start. Make a difference today by becoming a teacher.



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