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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Applicant Tracking Systems

Human resources are synonymous with what is commonly known as the hiring process. It is a tedious one which requires due diligence in order to locate, recruit, acquire, train, and retain top talent. For this reason, every human resource professional must be diligent in the organizational effort of recruiting new talent.

While competition for the most skillful upper rung talent is increasing at a quickening pace, the demands on the employers are also increasing. For this reason, having a well defined, highly secure, reliable applicant tracking is crucial to the success of any organization. Without a seamless and integrated system of organization, maintaining document, and reporting systematically within the corporate infrastructure, numerous human person-hours will be wasted searching and seeking that which new applicant tracking systems can produce in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Prompt retrieval of electronically stored documents, such as questionnaires, resumes, employment applications, salary history and 401K matching, multitudes of manpower calculated in human hours labored would result in certain bankruptcy for even the most organized companies without the aid of communication technology, software and hardware.

At best, the monopolistic might survive but likely not many smaller corporations can possibly thrive. Add to this enormous paper mound (if indeed we had not switched to a new paperless office for such employer required actions and accounting, compensation rates and performance reviews, even governmental compliance almost guarantees some type of informational or data loss. This can easily translate to an inability to retain valuable employees in the long term if an applicant tracking system is not promptly integrated.

However, if information is within reach when needed, it can tremendously improve overall productivity and inboarding. Knowing when and what positions are available are critical to the role of a human resource professional. Gone are the days when interested parties simply mailed in resumes in a job search or sat down to complete a simple application in hopes of obtaining an interview.

Nowadays along with new communication technologies comes the opportunity to have any pertinent piece of information within reach within seconds rather than hours or days. Moreover, most ATS applications are essentially paperless so there is no office clutter. For these and other reasons, applicant tracking systems, can make even the smallest of companies much more efficient and productive.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Recruiting Software

There is a large number of esteemed and well-established employment recruiting software programs that can offer organization while improving the quality and quantity of a company's applicant pool. While they may share several features, each can have its own strengths and weaknesses. It is important for this type of software to be adaptable to and/or compliant with major computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet), Microsoft Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat. Granted, these may not be the only ones required, it all depends on the program being used and the purpose of having the software.

The harmony in the relationships between the aforementioned computer programs and a particular recruiting software program may be essential in order to accomplish the duties of a certain feature such as an applicant database, prospective employee’s aptitude tests, posting job openings, customizing letters, and tracking the costs associated with recruiting (budgeting). Each program may be suited for a different size of business, not to mention type of business. It is commonly a good idea to really think about what you want to get out of using the particular software’s services, and then seek the one out that best suits your needs.

While some recruiting software programs are available to download off the internet for free, others can cost anywhere from a hundred to a thousand dollars. Some ways of obtaining recruitment software are ordering online, calling and giving a credit card number, or even sending a check in the mail. It may be a smart idea to look into the reviews about the particular program before an actual purchase.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Entry Level Entourage

Once you have finally completed that course either in University or a trade school, even an on line certification. After applying for many jobs in your field of choice you realize that you are not exactly what an employer may be looking for. They want experience someone who knowns the ropes of the industry or the trade and will not training or constant supervision.

This is extremely disheartening considering the amount of time and money recently spent on the accumulation of a particular accreditation. However, there is no need to despair you can begin your career in an entry level position. An entry level position is a fantastic way to get your feet wet in your industry of choice, while allowing you to experience the daily ins and outs of the industry, you can see what will be required of you, through observation of individuals in position you desire to be in.

Many entry level jobs are only one step down from the dream position that you became accredited for. However, careful consideration of the process in which it takes to get into the position from where you are is also good sense.

An entry level position is a real opportunity for an individual to put themselves on the road to middle and upper management. With recent trend of companies hiring management from within, if you work diligently and respectfully you can easily get into the position you desire. However, there are a few downsides that must be considered before excepting an entry level job.

What is the pay, can you keep your standard of living if you accept the position,is there actually opportunity for growth in the company you have applied or is the company just looking for educated cheap labor .Is there a fast track to a higher paid position or a training program for potential management. Are their benefits like a 401K, Retirement, good health coverage, annual cost of living raises and paid for training for you to further your education or career. Upon the inception of the job are you guaranteed full time and permanent employment or are you there just to fill a hole.

All of these question you are more than welcomed to ask in the interview. In fact at an entry level position the fact that you are actually interested in the growth of your person and the growth of your career shows the employer that you have potential. Once you have gathered a prospectus about the job and the company you can determine if that particular company is the one you should go with ,to build your career and start your life a new of if you should try to find your self another place to stay for eight hours a day.



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