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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Filling Healthcare Jobs

When searching for a healthcare jobs many individuals have trouble deciding if they should search on their own or contact a recruiter who specializes in this type of employment. Although you may locate a position on your own, sending your resume in to recruiters will very likely expedite your search. Since employers are the ones to pay all recruiter’s fees, you have nothing to lose by using such services.

Usually employers only contact recruiters for their assistance in locating qualified professionals for healthcare jobs that are difficult to fill. But with the growing shortage of properly trained workers for a variety of positions, more hospitals and other medical care facilities are finding that they need a little help to fill job postings in their staff.

With the expense failing elsewhere, you should consider the advantages of having multiple recruiters looking into the different opportunities on your behalf. Since different agencies are aware of different healthcare jobs, using multiple recruiters means that the time it takes to find a satisfactory position is likely to decrease significantly when this approach is used. If you know others who have jobs in healthcare, find out who they have used and settle on several recruiters who are highly recommended.

Some are concerned about issues of identity theft when others are in charge of whose hands their resume may end up in, but since good recruiters understanding professionalism and confidentiality this should not be a worry. For the most part, recruiters do not hand out resumes to employers without expressed permission to do so.

Not all recruiting firms are devoted exclusively to locating jobs in healthcare. This means that you may have to do a little work to figure out if the agent who will be assisting you is knowledgeable in the your field. One trick to determine if a recruiter has a such a general basis of understanding of the industry is to use a few buzzwords when describing your qualifications, experience or the goals for your career.

Since many recruiters are aware of jobs in healthcare in various cities and states across the nation, you should remember to mention whether or not you are willing to relocate for the right position. Those who are not opposed to moving, if the perfect opportunity presents, increase there chances of finding a satisfactory position in a shortened period of time.



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