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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Minneapolis Job Search

It's no secret, the Minneapolis job market isn't what it used to be. Although business continues to flourish, the Twin City metropolitan area's job gains have been beaten out by the national average 90 percent of the time for the last 45 months. Add to this, the loss of 6,600 Minneapolis jobs recently reported by the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) and the creation of 2,166 new jobs so far this year simply isn't enough to counteract population growth. Of the jobs cut this year 2,700 were in the professional and business services industries.

At this moment, both the Minnesota and the metro Minneapolis area unemployment rate are 4.7 percent, which is equal to the national average. The annual job growth for the area, according to the DEED, is only 0.1 percent, compared to the country's 1.2 percent. These statistics have caused area officials to worry. In a prepared statement Commissioner Dan McElory of the Department of Employment and Economic Development said that "[T]he employment data over the past few months are concerning, and we will take a deeper look at what is happening in the state.” He went on to say that he is "directing our economists and department experts to look at the trends and make recommendation on how to encourage stronger economic growth."

Also cutting jobs in Minneapolis this month is healthcare provider Allina. Allina announced recently that they will be doing away with approximately 5 percent of their workforce at one of their eleven hospitals, United. These layoffs are part of Allina's attempt to close a $30 million gap in the budget. Layoffs will be mainly administrative and are not expected to effect patient care.

All in all, those with the most education are having an easier time finding employment than those with less, but according to the Minnesota Daily, many are looking elsewhere for jobs. Those who do decide to stay in area will mostly likely find the Minneapolis job market to be more competitive than before things began to go down hill. Locating quality Minneapolis jobs may take more time than usual. Instead of concentrating on one coveted positions, applying for more than one job with a top notch resume will yield better results.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Dallas Job Search

If you are looking for employment in Dallas, Texas, there are a few places online you can go.

At you'll see a range of jobs in healthcare to sales. They allow you to search jobs without registering, plus you can search jobs by keyword or category. This site has labor jobs, professional jobs, and office jobs. They also let you post your resume on the site for free to potential employers can view it. This is a free site to use.

Another great option is Dallas News the local newspaper. They have an online employment classified section on their website. The classified page leads to Yahoo HotJobs, which is a large data base for jobs. is another great site that is geared towards Dallas or Texas job seekers. It’s also free to the job seeker and you don’t have to register ahead of time.

Other options to keep in mind are Craigslist and Monster. Whatever kind of job you are looking for the internet is a vast place and full of opportunity. Keep in mind, to always apply for jobs online in the manner in which they ask. If they say no phone calls, they really mean no phone calls. If they want your resume by email, send it by email.

By utilizing these websites you are now on your way to job success.



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