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Monday, February 19, 2007


SEO Jobs

If you're hunting for SEO jobs, that is, jobs in the search engine optimization field, there are many employment searching options available.

Not surprisingly, most SEO professionals start with Google and other search engines. Just like searching jobs in London or Las Vegas jobs, starting at a search engine of choice is a great place to find a variety of job sites, associations, blogs and other destinations to checkout SEO job postings.

In addition to the typical job board or vertical job search engine to utilize in your job search, checking out blogs with jobs is a newer, interesting way to find employment as an SEO.

For example, well-known blogger of all-things-search, Andy Beal's Marketing Pilgrim has jobs posted for search engine marketers. No doubt, as bloggers look for ways to build revenue, adding job content is an easy way to do so.

Also, as previously stated, association sites can be an effective way to search for SEO jobs. For example, SEMPO, or the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, has job listings for SEO's. That's a good resource.

In the future, I would be surprised to see other traditional resources sprout up to help link SEO pros with employers and search marketing agencies. Two examples come to mind:

  1. Magazine. The Search Marketing Standard is a magazine dedicated to search marketers. Adding job content seems like a natural fit. To my knowledge, they don't currently provide this.
  2. Conferences. Search Engine Strategies, or SES, would be a great venue to help SEO professionals find jobs. Setting up a job fair or enabling agencies and employers to advertise jobs would be great for attendees and vendors alike.
In all, the search marketing landscape is sure to become more competitive as more companies look to leverage search engines to drive traffic. Getting SEO and employer together is going to be vital to make that engine go.

Recruiting is marketing. Try jobcasting.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Las Vegas Healthcare Jobs

The need for skilled healthcare workers in the City of Lights is exploding.

Las Vegas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with a population that skyrocketed 83 percent between 1990 and 2000. According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau Data (July 2005), the population increased 14 percent to 545,147, up from 478,434 in 2000. This was in sharp contrast to the rest of the country, in which many cities experienced a decrease. Las Vegas’ burgeoning population growth has created many job openings across several industries; however none can compare with the escalation of Las Vegas healthcare jobs.

A report released in 2001 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revealed that Nevada has the worst nurse-to-population ratio in the country, with only 520 nurses per 100,000 people. Needless to say, Las Vegas nursing jobs aren't hard to find. The situation will continue to slide as population figures climb. Nevada's six nursing schools produce a total of 300 to 350 graduates each year; however experts have estimated that in order to keep up with the state’s growth expectations, at least 767 new nurses are needed each year.

City officials are committed to supporting Las Vegas healthcare jobs with a bigger healthcare infrastructure.

Recognizing the need for a solution, officials are creating more Las Vegas jobs by investing in the expansion of the healthcare infrastructure. Most of the 14 healthcare facilities in Southern Nevada are either undergoing expansion now; or will be by 2009. Construction on new healthcare facilities began in 2005, with a total of 11 new facilities planned by 2009.

Additionally, state legislators are investigating the possibility of unifying the region’s scattered nursing job search programs under one flagship facility. Some officials believe this will enhance the state's ability to produce and retain more doctors and nurses, enrich community outreach and education programs, and increase research efforts to improve patient care.

The tremendous demand for Las Vegas healthcare workers has made annual salaries competitive. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, healthcare practitioners and technical staff in Las Vegas are at $64,200, which is nearly $5,000 above the U.S. average. An abundance of excellent career opportunities await healthcare workers looking to relocate to this oasis in the desert.



Online Background Checks

Online background checks is a phrase used to designate several types of investigation on somebody’s history, usually carried out by means of a third party. Some refer to the checking of the criminal record, if any.

Others may simply refer to the reputation and reliability of a possible partner, customer, collaborator or competitor, and to assuring themselves they make the right choices. This type of service has imposed itself for the last few years, as always more and more numerous were the cases when persons or companies had to suffer as somebody had previously lied to them.

On the other hand, the initiators of an online background check should in their turn have a strong legal and ethical motivation to carry it out or to ask somebody else to implement it for them.

In this regard, if you are an employer, a broker, a landlord hiring the services of a household maintenance company for instance or a parent hiring a babysitter to be there for your children when duty calls, you should by all means make sure the person you are going to work with is trustworthy.

There are specialized services providing online background checks and which, in fact, allow the consultation of public databases, or even liaise with real persons who can further investigate the profile of the person or company of interest to you.

If previously one needed to wait several days in order to have somebody’s online background check, nowadays online services can provide you with the information you need in not more than 24 hours. Apart from time, nowadays one also can save money using the online facilities, which are usually very cheep or even absolutely free.

Besides there are systems with user-friendly interfaces and able to provide reports in a logical and understandable format. Pending on the interrogation addressed to the database, the above reports may be all-inclusive, with information stretching from criminal record to education, driving license record or professional history, or on the contrary may be clearly targeted, providing only the precise answer needed.

Yet, there comes the problem of the reliability of the information found on the internet for free during a job search. One can further argue that all type of information, or even any kind of product or service, available for free is not hundred per cent safe.

Charity in the contemporary society is something rather rare and even if genuine is to be regarded with a scrutinizing eye. Although most common online sources for background screening provide free or cheap services, there are also other businesses which charge more for their work.

Their principle is that it is preferable to pay them an acceptable amount in the initial phase and have the future employee checked, instead of hiring him/her without an appropriate screening, invest in the necessary training, and then find out he/she has cheated the company or done any other serious damage. In this latter case you can lose both time and money.

In other words, choose carefully your partner, but also give yourself the time to think who gives you the advice whether to trust or not the concerned person or company.


Monday, February 12, 2007


Employment Trends: Entry Level Jobs

Especially in the United States, the employment picture has begun to look more promising than in the early half of this decade. For example, according to an analysis of Labor Department data by the Economic Policy Institute, entry-level wages for college and high school graduates, after factoring in inflation, fell by more than 4 percent from 2001 to 2005, this left many less than enthusiastic. However, the outlook for new entry level jobs is brighter in the later half of the decade with an expected rise of 7.3 percent in new positions this year. In addition, average hourly earnings have increased to $17.09 on average for the first two months of 2007. This is an increase of 4 percent overall from 2006 to 2007.

An article published on website, February 8, 2007 in respect to findings from a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers said they expect to hire 17.4 percent more college graduates in 2007 than they did last year in 2006. In addition, they plan, in some but not all instances, to pay them higher wages and compensations. Further, according to this article the most lucrative degrees for college graduates in respect to 2007 hiring are marketing majors and business administration. Obviously, there remains room at the top for an M.B.A., even though it was devalued and discouraged a few years earlier.

Let us look at where we have been in previous years to understand this new and optimistic outlook to find out who is hiring in 2007, we recommend visiting to see their list of 500 top entry-level hirers for 2007. For the fifth year, running the top hiring company according to those surveyed by is Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Yet, the list fails to explain why anyone with a college degree might pursue a position at a rental car company. On the other hand, Business Week has compiled a list of the Best Places to Launch a Career. At the top of their list of best employers is Walt Disney. Enterprise Rent-a-car is No. 5.

Yahoo!Answers, on the other hand, is an offshoot of, which allows specific question and answer format for in-the-know individuals to answer obscure questions or those dependent on demographics and locales. When a visitor to the site posted the question, "What are the best paying entry level jobs?" 100% of those viewing this particular response agreed the answer is a registered nurse. There was no actual wage information included in the response so I looked in my own local newspaper and was surprised to discover the starting hourly wage for RNs in Honolulu is $47 per hour. Those filling Minnesota nursing jobs don't fair so well.

Of course, there is a downside to all of this good news and it pertains to new hire benefits. There is currently a sharp and significant decrease in the percentage of college graduates and others entering the workforce, many new hires and entry-level positions do not include traditional health and pension benefits. This can seriously reduce actual wages in the long term.

For example, an employee without medical coverage could go thousands of dollars into debt with one surgical procedure. In other words, suppose you have a new uninsured vehicle, which is totaled in a collision. It would be a total loss of your investment. Imagine if this vehicle were you or someone, you injured. It could mean a lifetime of debt if you are not insured. Our point is to do the real math and number crunch to determine the true value of a job offer, explore the internet and know what you need before you accept an offer.


Sunday, February 11, 2007


Workplace Diversity

Diversity means variety in something e.g. in people it may point to variety of sex, religion, race, national origin, family status, and etc. In business environment, workplace diversity usually refers to variety among people in the context of such factors as age, culture, education, employee status, function, gender, physical appearance, and thinking style. Applied broadly, it will also include religion, regional origin and corporate culture.

For establishing an effective workplace diversity one needs to plan the program that would cover points like: what the program will achieve; how the program will develop and be implemented; drawing links to organizational objectives; undertaking consultation; and assessing the resources required for maximum profit.

Any approach adopted for such kind of plans will require that senior executives and line managers of the organization should have sufficient input. Planning should include issues like: where an organization is at that time; where it wants to be; and how it will get there.

After planning comes the implementation stage, which deals with processing of the stages included in the plan. Next, the management tends to evaluation stage to analyze the results or the outcome achieved so far. What else can be done to make the project more successful is a question considered at the end of evaluation.

Benefits of Workplace Diversity

Some of the many benefits of artfully managing workplace diversity within an organization include:

Regardless of the benefits, an organization must be facing a few challenges with workplace diversity as well. These include:

Summing Up

For a successful organization, following are the recommended steps to take with respect to workplace diversity


Thursday, February 8, 2007


Searching for jobs in London: create a plan and land the right job faster.

If you are searching for jobs in London, it is important to have plan. Many people simply write their CV, and blanket the city with it somewhat indiscriminately. Searching the help-wanted ads is a good idea, but should be used in combination with other tactics. Many positions go unadvertised, and with strategic effort, you can find them and land the one that is right for you. An effective job search plan includes some of the following strategies:

Having a structured plan in place will help you find the most desirable jobs in London and accelerate your career. Also, remember to stay positive, and avoid getting too excited or too discouraged. Apply for multiple positions at once, and regard each interview not as a last chance, but as opportunities to hone your interviewing skills.



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