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Thursday, January 31, 2008


A Word on NotchUp

If you haven't already heard about Notch Up, then you need to learn about it now. Notchup is one of the newest sites on the internet to support individuals in their job search. And they're making it easier and faster than ever! is partnering with companies and corporations who are seeking to identify the most talented people in the workforce. And they're willing to put their money where their mouth is, because if they select you as a potential interview candidate, then they will pay you to interview!

The process is simple. You just apply to join NotchUp, sign up, upload your profile, and set your price for an interview. Then you sit back and wait - and the interview opportunities flow into your inbox. You choose which ones you want to accept and decline those that don’t interest you.

What could be easier? Check out today for a new career tomorrow!



Expense of Background Checks

According to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, 40 percent of all resumes contain lies or omissions about education past work experience or qualifications. Because of this employers now realize that a professional looking resume and a great interview do not necessarily mean they've found the perfect new addition to their staff. Instead, hiring managers now rely heavily on pre-employment background checks to make their final decisions.

With the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimating that such workplace fraud costs American businesses more than $600 billion a year, the expense of conducting background checks on would-be employees is well worth it. Nevertheless many smaller businesses do not investigate applicants before hiring them, due to the cost involved. Since USA Today says employers lose roughly 79 percent of all negligent hiring lawsuits, awards averaging over $1.6 million, few smaller companies can afford the consequences of not conducting background checks.

In order to help businesses avoid these complications, HireRight, Inc. designed a new online background checking service called HireRight Express with smaller companies in mind. HireRight Express allows hiring managers to quickly conduct employee background checks on a pay-as-you-go basis. This allows small business owners to continue focusing on running their company instead of stressing out over conducting an investigation themselves. HireRight Express is designed to yield results quickly and be user friendly to those who are working with limited resources.

HireRight Express packages start at $29.95 and offer a wide variety of background searches including criminal records checks, motor vehicle records checks, national sex offender database checks, and verification of applicant's address and employment history. This service can help lower small business owners' risks of employee theft, workplace violence, negligent hiring suits, and resume fraud. HireRight Express also ensures full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The company's Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, Rob Pickell says that he believes "HireRight Express has been built from the ground up to meet these specific needs and help the small business owner to hire the best qualified, safest employees, while mitigating risks to the business."

Those interested in using the service to conduct background checks on potential employees should visit for more information. HireRight's clientele currently includes over 60 Fortune 500 companies.



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