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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Pennsylvania Construction Jobs Created through Airport Projects

A new round of funding for airport projects could help create Pennsylvania construction jobs.

The State of Pennsylvania recently announced that 24 airports will receive a $6.6 million investment in federal and state funds to help improve airport safety and services. Under the theory that every $1 billion of investment equals 30,000 jobs, more than 190 jobs could be created through this project.

"This is one more way in which my administration, working with the federal government, is helping to revive our economy," Governor Edward G. Rendell said in a press release. "These projects translate into jobs for Pennsylvanians at a time when jobs are rapidly disappearing. At the same time, this work means increased safety and efficiency at airports."

The projects will help ensure that safety is maintained at the state's non-commercial, general aviation airports and will help airports meet federal regulations for operation.

The state is investing $170,664 from PennDOT's aviation development program, which comes from the state's jet fuel tax and leverages more than $170,000 in local matching funds. The Federal Aviation Administration is investing about $6.5 million through the block grant program, which is funded through airline tickets, freight waybills, international departure fees and sale of aviation fuel.

Under Pennsylvania's 12-year transportation program, airports can receive up to 95 percent of eligible project costs. Public-use airports are eligible for the aviation development program. Pennsylvania has 134 public-use airports and heliports and 15 airports that have scheduled commercial service.

Airports eligible for the block grant include: general aviation airports, designated reliever airports and non-primary commercial airline airports that are part of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems.


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Jobs to be Found in Kansas

Although all corners of the country are facing layoffs and rising unemployment numbers because of the economy, some Kansas employers have jobs to offer.

One such company is Firestone, located in East Harry. Although the economy has slowed down, business for Firestone has sped up, causing the company to expand and hire, according to an article by MSNBC.

"Our repair part of the business is thriving right now with people keeping cars longer," Brian Hoiland, managing partner of the store, said in the article.

The automotive and construction industries, two industries most-affected by the recession, will soon be looking to hire as the Recovery and Reinvestment Act will provide millions of dollars for new projects and green jobs.

"Energy auditors, home maintenance and repair, making your home energy efficient, those are all jobs that are going to be green jobs," Kimberly Cronister, with the Workforce Center, said in the article.

The healthcare industry, one often considered to be recession-proof, also is hiring. In particular, Wesley Medical Center has a slew of openings for registered nurses. The only downfall is that most healthcare jobs require schooling and some experience.

"The jobs in healthcare range from CNA positions all the way up to nurses," Cronister said in the article. "So, there could be positions for maybe some on-the-job training to get you into those positions all the way up to those who want to expand their education and do some retraining."

Workers also should look out for strong IT and service industry jobs. For instance, Firestone is hiring entry-level and skilled technicians, positions that offer good pay and job stability.



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