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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Code of Ethics for Speech Therapy Jobs Arizona

Did you know that there is a specific code that people with speech therapy jobs Arizona are supposed to follow in their daily practice? Check out to see current job openings.

In order to succeed as a professional in any career, and especially a career in the medical field, it's important to adhere to a set of standards that are universally-accepted and followed by any reputable employee in your chosen position.

The Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association has written a Code of Ethics meant to guide speech therapy, speech scientist, and audiologist students and professionals through their daily research and career activities. The code helps these professionals uphold their responsibilities to their profession, the public, and themselves.

The four basic principles of ethics state that:


Friday, April 22, 2011


Houston Nurse Jobs Supported by New Clinic

A number of Houston nurse jobs and other medical professions will be supported by funding for a new outpatient clinic.

The Harris County Hospital District recently announced that it has received a $15 million private donation from the Lester and Sue Smith Foundation. The funding will be used toward construction of Smith Clinic, a new ambulatory care center in the district.

Smith Clinic will provide outpatient treatment to residents of Harris County and will take over most of the diagnostic and specialty clinics currently offered at Ben Taub General hospital. The clinic is expected to open in 2012 and treat about 160,000 patients each year.

The five-story facility will feature more than 100 exam rooms and cancer treatment and diagnostic services, including linear accelerators, MRIs, ultrasound units, PET scanner, digital mammography units, stereotactic biopsy units, and infusion therapy stations.

"This is a landmark announcement and we are truly grateful to Lester and Sue Smith for their generosity," Stephen DonCarlos, chairman of the Board of Managers of the Harris County Hospital District, said in a statement. "Healthcare isn't just about bricks and mortar and equipment. It's about supporting a community.

"This donation makes a bold statement that through philanthropy we have the ability make a significant impact on the healthcare of our community," he continued. "The gift from The Lester and Sue Smith Foundation will be transformative for many people today and for generations to come, saving lives and generating hope."


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


RN Jobs Phoenix Continue Rapid Growth

The number of RN jobs Phoenix has to offer continued climbing last month.

The Phoenix area's unemployment rate dropped to 8.8 percent during March, which was even with the national rate at the time. This is good news for the city, which saw its unemployment rate grow from 8.5 percent to 9.3 percent during February.

About 1,705,300 people were employed in the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale area during March, which is up from 1,698,400 workers during February and a .5 percent increase from last year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When compared to last year, the education and health services industry grew the most, increasing by 6 percent to 250,800 employees. This is a positive sign for anyone seeking Phoenix nurse jobs (, other medical-related positions, or education roles.

Here's a look at how each industry stacked up on a monthly and yearly basis during March:


Thursday, April 14, 2011


Recruitment Software Companies Named to OnDemand 100

Several recruitment software (Click here) companies are being recognized for their innovative tech solutions.

AlwaysOn recently released the OnDemand 100, a list of the top up-and-coming Internet companies in the cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service game. These companies provide the technology solutions and services that businesses need in order to keep up with information complexity and growth.

The list was ultimately chosen by the AlwaysOn editorial team and a number of partners. Companies were evaluated on five criteria, including innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value, and media buzz.

"As the digital information created by businesses continues to explode at astronomical rates, the need to store, manage, socialize, and share this information is becoming extremely challenging," Tony Perkins, founder and editor of AlwaysOn, said. "By providing innovative technologies that help enterprises better compete in this new era of information complexity and move their data out into the cloud, the OnDemand 100 represent some of the highest-growth opportunities in the private company marketplace."

The Overall Winner of the OnDemand 100 is Sugar CRM, an on-demand software company located in California. Companies also were recognized in: cloud application platforms, infrastructure, and management and tools, as well as on-demand software business management applications, customer relationship management, tools, and vertical applications.

You can see the full list here.


Friday, April 8, 2011


Family Therapist Jobs Go Virtual

Are family therapist jobs (Click here) going virtual?

Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System recently launched MyRecovery, a social networking site aimed at virtually helping people who would normally see a therapist in person. Such a site could open the door to more therapy services being offered online, changing the role of family and other therapists.

MyRecovery was developed in and effort to offer more therapy options to patients who live in rural communities throughout Tennessee, where VBHCS is located. The site is being funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

MyRecovery is specifically aimed at supporting people who are recovering from addiction and other disorders. Through the site's e-therapy program, users will be able to interact with their peers through private and group chats, blogs, and personal profiles.

"We incorporate three evidence-based models to increase engagement into services, offer hope in recovery and provide recovery skills via web-based chat rooms and blogs," VBHCS notes. "Using Motivational Interviewing and the Stages of Change Model as well as peer-to-peer recovery concepts, the program model is grounded in strong practice strategies that will ensure positive outcomes for those being served."

Initially, MyRecovery will only be available to patients who are discharged from VBHCS's New Leaf Recovery Program. However, the organization plans to open the site to more people during the next few years.

In addition, MyRecovery will act as a screening tool for patients who may have certain disorders. This will help lighten the load at New Leaf Recovery Center, where more than 150 people are typically on the waiting list for therapy services.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Oncology Jobs Supported by New Medical Research Center

A new state-of-the-art medical research and development facility will support hundreds of oncology jobs. Visit for more openings.

EMD Serono recently opened a new research center in Billerica, a nearby suburb of Boston. The new facility will be used to develop and discover innovative treatments in oncology, neurodegenerative diseases, and infertility.

The research center is expected to create about 100 new jobs and attract a total of 200 scientists with experience in cancer biology, cancer immunotherapy, oncogene signaling, medicinal chemistry, molecular modeling, protein engineering, therapeutic antibodies, and manufacturing cell lines.

"This research expansion represents EMD Serono's clear purpose of scientific and medical innovation, and solidifies the company's presence in Massachusetts as a leading, global organization in the life sciences industry," Fereydoun Firouz, president and CEO of EMD Serono, said in a statement. "We are focused on retaining and attracting the best scientists to develop therapies that provide value and breakthrough solutions to people living with serious medical conditions such as fertility disorders, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases."

The new $65 million facility will measure about 140,000 square feet, including chemistry and screening labs, biology and cell culture labs, general lab support space, offices and conference rooms, and mechanical space. EMD Serono is currently looking to earn a LEED Gold certification for the facility.

The location of EMD Serono's new facility will allow the company to maintain its existing relationships and partnerships with many area institutions, research organizations, hospitals, and healthcare institutions.

"The research institute in Billerica will bring together EMD Serono scientists, researchers and stakeholders in our research network which allows for greater synergy, collaboration and development of innovative science,"  Dr. Bernhard Kirschbaum, executive vice president of research and development for Merck Serono, said in a statement.

"In addition, the establishment of EMD Serono's research facility center of excellence in Massachusetts provides an opportunity to tap into world-renowned academic and research institutions that are located in close proximity to our new facility in order to further collaborate with a common objective to drive science forward," he added.

EMD Serono and Merck Serono are both affiliates of pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck KGaA. The company operates three other research centers in Germany, Switzerland, and China.



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